I Have Drywall

Thanks to my brother Paul for coming over last night and helping me buy drywall, I now have 14 sheets of 5/8″ drywall in my garage. As soon as I finish putting up the walls in the closet and insulating, I should be ready to hang it. This weekend might be a bit soon, but I should certainly be ready by next weekend.

Plaster Is Gone

So there is no plaster left in the bedroom. (Finally!) I even put up some photos to show the progress. They are here.

The photos are from February and March. In the earlier photos, notice that there are supports for built-in shelves. I decided to take those down and build different types of shelves that should be easier to put up.

Still to do: Run conduit to the bedroom for a light; move the entrance to the closet to the side closest to the window; take down old electrical wires; run another wire to ceiling fan (so can have separate switches for the light and fan); build wall for insulation in closet; finish insulating and then DRYWALL!

Upcoming Computer Projects

I’ve ordered a new switch to use so that I’ll be able to properly set up coldandheartless so that mail will work. This should be a pretty easy fix once the switch arrives.

I also had intended to set up mythtv on this machine. I bought a hardware capture card last year, but haven’t gotten around to installing it. What I would like to do, is use the linux box as a backend, which I think means is the part that records the show. Then, if I get that working, I’d like to get a mac mini to put by the tv and use that as the frontend, which is the part that will play the show. We’ll see how this works out.

I’m Exhausted

We had to do some new poses today in yoga and they were difficult. Thus, I was already sore when I started working on the house today, but I haven’t done much lately, so I had to do some work. Today, I continued working on the closet. Basically, just taking down plaster and trim around the door and window. I’ve also decided that I’m going to move the entrance of the closet. This way, the light from the window in the closet will get to the rest of the room. After I took the plaster and lathe on the closet wall down, I realized that I really like having the light from the window in the closet come into the room.


So I’ve decided to use this blog to, mainly, keep track of the work going on in my house. I might add other things here and there, but since my life is basically about the house right now, this blog will be too.