RHEL7 Kickstart

Now that I’m in a place where all ip addresses are handled by dhcp, I need to change how I do kickstart installs.

  1. Boot the new system and start the installation process. Be sure to note what the name of the network card is and the mac address of the network card. Example: enp7s0f0 and 00:25:ab:cd:ef:aa
  2. Manually register the mac address with our dhcp system.
  3. Create a kickstart file and put it on a website.
  4. Boot the system and enter this on the boot line:
    vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img inst.ks=http://www.example.com/ks/server.cfg ip=enp7s0f0:dhcp inst.noverifyssl

If the install fails and you get a python error that near the end says something like:
“xfs filesystem is not valid as a default fs type”

It likely means the disk you’re booting from is not the same version as the os you’re downloading. Look in your kickstart file for the url line. It should look something like this:

url --noverifyssl --url=https://rhn01.example.com/pub/build/7

Put that link in your browser and look at the file media.repo. Mine looks like this:

name=Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2

This is telling me that it’s expecting the boot disk to be redhat 7.2. So make sure you’re using the correct install disk.

First Long Ride

The weather today is BEAUTIFUL! After going through the lousy weather of late, a day like today is glorious. I couldn’t wait to get outside and go for a bike ride. My plan was to ride up to Barnes and Noble to get some books for a project. The store was is just over six miles from my house and I left about an hour before it opened, figuring I’d ride around. I was enjoying the ride so much that I just decided to head up to the north side. I texted my cousin Janet and ended up riding to her house in Logan Square. I hung out with her a for a while and then head over to the bookstore. At about the 19 mile mark, I stopped at a grocery store and got some milk and donuts, which I took to Ping Tom Park (my favorite park in the city) and had a little picnic. Then, I rode home. Total ride time: 2 hours and 18 minutes. Total distance: 23.22 miles. Me: totally happy.

Playing around with Mapbox

Link to my ride