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Sewing Desk

I’ve been trying to use a bunch of old scraps to make a new table for my sewing machine. I had a lot of great plans for how I was going to do this. And I can also tell you that I failed at most of my plans. But I do have an acceptable table that seems to work. Most of the things that failed were part of my plan to make it easily disassembleable for moving. So that’s ok. I did learn a lot from these failures, so it’s not a big deal. Pictures below. I like it though I haven’t yet done any sewing on it. But it’s a definitely improvement over what I had been using.

The finished table with the machine on it.
The wood on the right is some old oak flooring and the rest of the top is pine. The “frame” of the tabletop is maple.
I wanted it all on wheels and this was my big failure. The sleeves I put in the legs to hold the wheels were too short. If i tip the table on just two wheels, the sleeves will definitely come out.
The wood is all junk, repurposed from other projects, so there are lots of extra old holes in some boards, which I’m fine with.