House Insanity Repairs


The good news is that my kitchen is almost done. The bad news is that my kitchen is almost done. What’s left to do? I have to caulk around the windows, finish painting the trim around the big window and finish installing floor trim. Nope, not a lot to do. Why haven’t I done it? I don’t know. I did go to the store to try to buy the trim for the floor and I can’t find the same stuff that the contractor put in. That’s annoying. I was also thinking of installing another cabinet for storage. And I just found out that Ikea is discontinuing my kitchen cabinets. So if I want to buy it, I need to do it now. Already the first cabinet that I had picked out is no longer available. You’d think that would make me jump up and drive out to Ikea, but no, I haven’t done that.

I’ve been thinking about things that I’d like to do next. I have a bunch of ideas for new projects. However, I’m also being rather strict with myself in that I will not start another project until the kitchen is completely done. So these days I basically come home from work and read blogs online. A very bad habit, I know. But I’m just tired of working on the kitchen, so I’m stuck. I need something to knock me out of this, but I don’t know what right now.