Kickstart Changes from RHEL6 to RHEL7

I’ve just started installing RHEL7 on some systems at work. I usually use a kickstart script to set everything up, but the syntax of the command has changed with RHEL7. Here’s the way to get the kickstart file from our satellite server using both RHEL6 and RHEL7.


ks= ip= netmask= gateway= dns=


inst.ks= ip= nameserver=

The one tricky part with RHEL7 is that I don’t know the name of the ethernet device before I start installing. I’ve done three different computers now and the name has been enp1s0, eno1 and enp3s0. So my solution is to just try to install the os first, without using the kickstart file. Then I can find out what it thinks the device name is. After that, I restart the install using the correct device name.

Later addition
When I first boot from the disk, press tab to see the details of the boot. I get this:

vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img inst.stage2=hd:LABEL=RHEL-70\x20Workstation.x86_64 quiet

For my kickstart above to work, I change this to:

vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img inst.ks= ip= nameserver=

And for just to add, for this computer the network name was enp6s0.
End of addition

I also rewrote my script that checks if the system needs to be reboot. It’s pretty simple, but I now do need to take into account what version of the operating system is running. And I’m not sure why the original script I wrote was in perl. I think I must have been learning that at the time. The new one is just a bash script, which makes things much easier.

#	kernelcheck - script to check if a new kernel has been loaded and is running

# Get currently running kernel
currentkernel=`uname -a|awk '{ print $3 }'`

# Look at grub to find out what the latest kernel is.  This is slightly different depending on the os version.
version=`cat /etc/redhat-release | awk '{ print $7 }' | cut -c1`

if [[ $version == '7' ]]
  nextkernel=`grep vmlinuz /etc/grub2.cfg | head -1 | awk '{ print $2 }' | cut -c10-`
  nextkernel=`sed '/#/d' /etc/grub.conf |grep vmlinuz | head -1 | awk '{ print $2 }' | cut -c10-`

if [[ $currentkernel != $nextkernel ]]
  SUBJECT="Reboot required on $HOSTNAME"
  EMAIL="[email protected]"
  echo "Current kernel: $currentkernel"> $EMAILMESSAGE
  echo "Next kernel: $nextkernel">> $EMAILMESSAGE
  /bin/mail -s "$SUBJECT" "$EMAIL" < $EMAILMESSAGE

Maybe Unstuck

A few days ago I ordered the book, “The Art of Electronics”. Today, it arrived. I’ve heard that it’s a great book for learning practical electronics. I’ve been meaning to do some serious study of electronics for a while. With my job, I should know more than I actually do. So, I think I finally have my plan. I’m going to try to work my way through the book. Nothing drastic and I have no real time table. But I’m going to try to study like an hour a day. And to limit distractions, I think I’ll work in the library at work. I’m thinking this is also how I got started in learning Rails programming. I want to say it took me a few years before I could do anything usable. I’ll have to check my old notebooks for the exact dates. But there’s no deadline or anything that I need to hit. So I can take my time. And when I get a decent feel for things, hopefully, I’ll be able to make the game that’s been floating around in my head for a while. And once I start working on this, it will hopefully kick me in the butt to get moving on the rest of the stuff in my kitchen. Tomorrow I’m going to see a ballet. So perhaps I’ll start at the library on Friday. Or I’ll just wait until next week and start off on Monday.


The good news is that my kitchen is almost done. The bad news is that my kitchen is almost done. What’s left to do? I have to caulk around the windows, finish painting the trim around the big window and finish installing floor trim. Nope, not a lot to do. Why haven’t I done it? I don’t know. I did go to the store to try to buy the trim for the floor and I can’t find the same stuff that the contractor put in. That’s annoying. I was also thinking of installing another cabinet for storage. And I just found out that Ikea is discontinuing my kitchen cabinets. So if I want to buy it, I need to do it now. Already the first cabinet that I had picked out is no longer available. You’d think that would make me jump up and drive out to Ikea, but no, I haven’t done that.

I’ve been thinking about things that I’d like to do next. I have a bunch of ideas for new projects. However, I’m also being rather strict with myself in that I will not start another project until the kitchen is completely done. So these days I basically come home from work and read blogs online. A very bad habit, I know. But I’m just tired of working on the kitchen, so I’m stuck. I need something to knock me out of this, but I don’t know what right now.

Latest Events

Even though my cousin Annie’s birthday is in July, we celebrated in September with a hike at Starved Rock. It was a lovely day and I got some great pictures here.

Starved Rock Hike

October is my birthday month, so I usually try to do something that I haven’t done before. This year, I took a few days off of work and drove down to Indianapolis with my Mom. I then rode a really nice trail, the Monon Rail Trail and drove to Dayton to see the Wright Brothers National Park. The bike ride turned out to be very wet, as it started pouring rain about halfway in. But it was still a great ride and I’d like to do it again, when it’s a little drier. The Wright Bros site was pretty cool, though the bike shop was a bit disappointing. And aside from that, I didn’t really see much else to do in Dayton. We did find the university, but didn’t see much else. Here are the pictures from the trip.

Indianapolis/Dayton Trip

When I got home, I had signed up for a glassblowing class, which turned out to be a lot of fun. I don’t know that glassblowing is something that I’d get into, but it was definitely cool to give it a try. Here are some pictures from the class.

Glassblowing Class