It’s been a while since I posted, but not for lack of activity. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I have been so busy. Things got so much out of control that I think it contributed to me getting sick earlier in the week. So I decided to take some action and start saying no to some things.

The good news is that the drywall party was great. I am close to a fantastic group of people who all came over and helped me out. I have pictures that I have yet to take off my camera and post. They’re coming soon. My brother got me someone to do the taping, so that was finished the week after the drywall was hung. I finished priming everything yesterday and even pulled wire through all the conduit. Yes, I should have painted before I did that, but I’m an idiot and like doing things out of order. I’ve been looking up dishwashers and stoves and think that I might have to move the outlet for the dishwasher. Not far, but according to the installation directions, it’s currently in the wrong place. Shouldn’t be hard to move since we didn’t put drywall on that part of the breakfast island. It doesn’t need it, since it will be behind a cabinet and dishwasher.

Aside from the chaos at home, work was a little intense as well. But things seem to be slowing down now, which makes me very happy. There are a few things I want to learn and I’d like to have a little time to do that. Tonight, I’ve been reading up on gnuplot, which I think should become my goto plotting program. It really makes nice plots and I think it will be a very useful tool to have in my arsenal.

So, yes, life has been insane of late. But the other thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve been really, really happy. I think that’s mostly because I can finally see the kitchen coming to an end. And it’s not so much that I’ll have a new kitchen, which will be nice. But it’s the sense of accomplishment that I’m enjoying. I wanted to try to do this, as much as I could, by myself. And I think I’ve succeeded. Hopefully, I haven’t done anything stupid, but you can’t fail if you don’t try.