Getting There!

My favorite holiday weekend is going on. I had planned on renting a truck and fighting the crowds at Home Depot to get the rest of the insulation that I needed. Alas, the truck I usually get was rented for the day. So I had to change my plan. Instead I finished hooking up my drain vent. Hopefully it’s ok. It goes up somewhere upstairs. I’ll have to find it when I get to work on the upstairs.

Then I started on the wall and made pretty good progress.



At one point, I ran out of screws and had to go to Home Depot to get some more. I bought the screws on the right in the photo below. I had been using the screws on the left. There was no comparison. The ones on the left worked so much better. I remember Mickey telling me about them a few years ago. He got them from Menards, which isn’t near me. Home Depot doesn’t sell that type, so I bought the regular philips head. After having problems with the first three I tried to use, I ended up driving all the way out to Menards to get the good ones again. It’s hard to believe how much easier they go in.


Back in the Swing of Things

My two weeks of jury duty threw me off my game a bit, but I got back to working on the house again. This weekend I built the half wall, though I left it tall because I’m not sure how high it should be. I also finally rented a truck and bought some insulation. I started attaching it to the wall as well. Here are some pictures I took this weekend.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

I also glued my plumbing pipes, since Mickey dropped by last weekend and gave it an ok. Next I should probably go and order the big window for the back of the house, since that will take around three weeks to get made.