Good Weekend

I got a lot done this weekend. Today, I finished up by cutting and laying out all the pipe for the new kitchen drain and stack. I haven’t glued it all together because I want Mickey to come and double-check it, but I think it’s going to work.



I am quite tired. It will feel good to go to work tomorrow where I can sit for most of the day to do all my work.


Take a look at the new water lines in the kitchen. Notice anything odd about them?


Yes, the valve on the right is pointing toward the back of the cabinet. Sigh. I’ll have to take that valve off and put a new one on tomorrow.

Good Morning So Far

I installed my new water lines this morning. Yay! But I have a leak. Boo! I’ll have to fix that later. It’s supposed to rain this afternoon, so I wanted to get the outside of the window I installed finished. I took some aluminum to work to bend on our brake there. Unfortunately, it’s only 2′ wide, so I had to use two pieces to fit my window. But I got it in. I’m sure a real window-installer would have made it look nicer, but I think it’s waterproof, which is my only concern.


Robot in Action

I finally built my robot. I had taken pictures of the process, but never got around to posting them. Instead, here’s the first video I made.

Hexy Robot from Mary Heintz on Vimeo.

Since I made the video, I played around with it some more and let my nieces and nephews play with it and seem to have killed a few motors. I’ve ordered some new metal motors, which should be more durable. It will be interesting to see how things work once I try them.