Little vim tricks

Our datalogger saves files in a windows format, which means when I open it in a unix program, I don’t see any line feeds. The quick solution to this is to open the file in vim and run:


which will make things look nice and neat.

A second problem I had was that I’m using gnuplot to plot the files. The datafile has the date and time in separate columns, which is ok. But since these columns are separated by a tab and not just whitespace, gnuplot doesn’t parse them correctly. To change all the tabs to spaces, run:

:%s\/t/ /g

Little More Work

I took the morning and tried to take down a bit more of the wall in the kitchen. It was nice being able to stand on the counter to reach the high parts. Here’s how things look now.



Next will be to take out the sink and the last cabinets. Now though, I need to nail down the new layout. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, but after running it by my mother, I’m going to take another look at it.