Last Patch

There was a small area between the dining room and the bedroom that had some weird wood in the floor. I found out why when I removed it and tried to piece in some pieces I had pulled up elsewhere. The opening was a little bit bigger than the thickness of two pieces. So, I decided to fill it using the maple floor that I had left. Here’s how it looked when I was about halfway through. I think it looks pretty good.

Now all I have left to do is some more sanding around the edges of the rooms and then I can apply the finish. Yay!

Ready for Sanding

I think I’ve now finished all the repairs on the floor. The wooden floor is now ready for more sanding before finishing. I even broke out the good camera to take some pictures. Here’s how things look, including some of the mistakes that I made.

From the kitchen
Installed durock for tile installation
First mistake. Small gap here. I should have tried to use a very long piece for the first row.
Another mistake at the end. Hoping sanding/finishing will fix some of this.
From the front door
Bedroom transition. Not perfect, but better than it was.