Fun Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend was quite a good one. I got the holes in my floor all patched. Now I just have to work on the section that I’m replacing with new wood. We had beautiful weather for Bike the Drive on Sunday. And today, we had a nice barbeque and birthday celebration for my Mom. Included were my brother John bringing his new motorcycle around and giving rides to all the kids and my Mom.

Abby wearing the helmet
Abby holding on
Annie's Turn
Sam's On--his arms weren't quite long enough to hold on
Jack Ready to Go Fast
Even Emily Got On
Grandma Didn't Want to Be Left Out

Living Room Patched

I finished patching the holes in the living room. I’m no expert at working with wood floors, but I think I did an ok job. At least, I’m not too embarrassed to say that I did the floor. Now, I have two small areas to do in the dining room, a small area in the bedroom and then the big patch of maple. I’m getting excited because I can definitely see the progress and the end seems near.

It helps that I'm not that close to the patches
I don't think the patch stands out too much

Patching Continues

I biked out to a lumber liquidators store on Friday and ordered ~80 square feet of maple flooring. I’m going to cut out the big section between the dining and living rooms and put maple in there. It will look very different, but I’m ok with that. I had wanted to use a bunch of different kinds of wood, but since you have to buy 20 square feet at a time, I would have had to buy a lot. So I decided to just go with maple.

I finished patching the spot where the fireplace was and the bit in the corner of the room. Just a few more spots and then I can remove the big section and put the maple in. It’s not going to arrive for 7-10 days, so I have some time with that. Once that’s done, I can rent the sander again and give the whole thing another go to make it as smooth as possible for the finish.

Section of floor that I'm going to replace with maple
Where the fireplace used to be. Note the sawdust I've picked up since I started sanding
Patched corner

I also had to cut my grass today because it was really long. Imagine my surprise when I went to my backyard and saw how great my rosebush looked.

So I then took a little time and removed the enormous weed (bush) that was growing with it. It looks even better now.

Another Day…

I’m getting close to finishing the first sanding layer. Here’s all I have left to do in the living room. After this, I should be able to start patching holes.

Guess this is after the sixth day or so

Chugging Along

No work last weekend, since I was suffering with back issues. Today, I went for a run and then back to the house to work on the floor. The dining room is basically done, at least with paint/finish removal. Now I’m working on the living room. Here’s how it looked about halfway through.