It was beautiful out yesterday and I couldn’t go anywhere because my car is still in the shop. So, I decided to put the vent for the bathroom fan on my house. I also did some cleaning in the basement.

I’m now just about ready to install my tin ceiling in the bathroom. I was going to go and buy some rails to use when I looked around my house. I have a drop ceiling in my living room, kitchen and back porch. And I’m planning on getting rid of them everywhere. So, instead of buying new rails, I took down the ceiling on part of the back porch. And I’m going to try to reuse those rails. They’re pretty dirty, but I can wash and then paint them. I figure I can save a little money and garbage by doing this.

NXServer/Client Issues

If, say, your server crashed while you had an open nxclient session, you may have the problem of not being able to start another one. Here is the solution.

Log into the server as root and run:

nxserver --restart
nxserver --start

For some reason the restart command by itself didn’t work. But after I issued another start command, I was back in business.

A Little Bit of Work

I admit that I have not been working on my house much of late. I’m pretty much completely satisfied with the fact that I can take a shower in my own house. Pretty much anything else is just gravy.

Today, though, I finished one of those little things that I should have done a long time ago. I finally reconnected the ground wire in my circuit box. I had hung the conduit a while back and finally bought the wire a couple of weeks ago. So, today, I installed the wire and hooked everything up. I had bought 35 feet of wire, thinking that would be plenty. Turns out that it was almost the perfect amount. I didn’t have to cut it at all. It took a while to push it through the conduit. But, only with a single cut on my hand (that bled like crazy), I finally got it through. Granted I had to disconnect the conduit at the halfway point to pull the wire through, but it’s done. It was remarkably easy and I’m pretty embarrassed that I didn’t do it earlier.

My next little job will be putting in the new vent for the bathroom. Then I can install the bathroom fan and finally the ceiling. My tin ceiling just arrived earlier this week, so I think I now have everything that I need. It’s just a matter of me actually doing it.

The Visitor

John and I went to go and see “The Visitor” tonight and it was terrific. It’s about a guy from Connecticut who finds two people living in his NY apartment. Basically, the idea is that your life could be changed drastically by people that you meet. The movie was really sad, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. (I don’t always like sad movies, but I did like this one.) And it wasn’t all sad, it had some very funny moments and some incredibly touching scenes. So I highly recommend it, except to my sister Julie who doesn’t go for sad movies at all.