Back to the Default Theme

As is obvious, I am back at the default theme for the blog. I liked the Beautiful Sunrise theme, but I got html errors sometimes when logging in for administrative purposes. That just bugged the heck out of me, so I went back to the default.

Possibly Another iPhone Crack

Janet’s friend Becca is working with a Dutch doctor at the World Boxing Championships going on in Chicago right now. He was asking her about getting an unlocked phone that he could use in the Netherlands. I started laughing at dinner when she mentioned it and told her that I didn’t know about other unlocked phones, but that I could unlock an iPhone, if he wanted that. Becca didn’t think she did, so I asked John and he said that anyplace will sell and unlocked phone, it just costs a bit more. Though today Becca sent me a text message saying that the doctor would like an iPhone after all. I figured. They’re pretty cool. Anyway, if I crack an iPhone for him, he’s going to get me really good (maybe ringside) seats. So this might be fun. He’s supposed to buy it tomorrow, so maybe I’ll see the boxing later this week.

Possibly I’ll make a movie showing exactly how I did the crack. It’ll be good notes.

Not a Productive Weekend

Friday night I went to a play at Victory Gardens, called “A Park in Our House”, I think. It was ok. About a family in Cuba in the 60s, I’d guess. I enjoyed it and Janet’s friend Becca and I were saying that we liked this one better than the last one we saw. And it’s true in that this one was easier to follow. Funny thing is, I think about the first one “The Defiant Muse”, more. Though I’m pretty sure that this is because I’m still trying to understand it completely. It was about a writer whose main character seemed to come to life for her. So, it jumped back and forth between real-life and life with her character. It was pretty interesting how they did it, but since there were only so many actors, I wasn’t really sure if it was real-life or a scene from her book. Oh well, either way, it’s great to see live theater.

Yesterday (Saturday) I went down and test drove a car (Pontiac Vibe) with Julie. What was funny was that I think we had the dumbest salesman ever try to help us. Once he finally found a manual transmission car, Julie asked if she could get one with power windows and doors. Randall (our salesman, who had no last name, even on his business card!) said that he didn’t think you could get power windows or locks on a manual transmission car. Really?!? Then I asked about putting the front seat flat because I read about it on the Pontiac website. Randall didn’t think that the seat would go flat. After some messing about, we did get it to go down. After the test drive, Randall couldn’t get out of the car because the child-safety locks were on. (Nothing he did there, it was just pretty darn funny.) Finally, we went inside and he left us to ask about something. After waiting for around five minutes, Julie told some other salesman that we were leaving and we walked out. Randall comes running out with another salesman telling us that he was searching for a manual car with power windows. And the other salesman tells us that Randall will call us with any results he finds. We say ok and drive off, knowing full well that Julie never gave Randall her phone number. As we were standing waiting around, she thought about it and decided that she didn’t really like the car. So, there was no point in sticking around. Our second testdrive, at the Jeep dealer was exactly the opposite. A nice, knowledgable salesman with an actual last name.

Today, I planned on working on my bathroom all day, thinking I was going to get a lot accomplished. Well, I gave up trying to hang the durock on the wall. I was doing it wrong and ended up putting a hole in the durock while trying to screw it to the wall. So I took down the one piece I did and decided to try to do the heating duct instead. I cut a hole in the current duct and cut out the floor where it’s going to run. But I bought a 12″ wide duct and there wasn’t really room for that. So I drove back to Menard’s to return what I bought last night and then to Home Depot to buy a 10″ duct, since Menard’s didn’t have them. I’m still missing a connector, what I would call a round 6″ male to male piece, but I couldn’t find it at any of the FIVE stores I went to today. So, I did a little creative bending and got what I had together. I think it’ll all work, but I don’t know how to connect the rectangular pieces together. Again, I think I’m missing a piece, this time it would be a 10″x4 male to male connector. I’ll go to the store again to see if I can find something that’ll do the job.

Basically, I got nothing done this weekend.

New, New Theme

The fact that my previous theme didn’t show the year of the post ended up really bothering me. So, I found a different new theme. This one does show the year and has a little menu for searching older posts, which I love. I’ve had this blog for over two years, so the listing of all the months was starting to get a little out of control. My only gripe with this theme is that there isn’t a link to login or for the admin stuff. Right now, I just put a wp-admin at the end of the blog link. I guess I can make a simple page that will take me to the login page.

My New Theme

As is obvious, I have changed the theme of my blog. I downloaded one called beautiful-sunrise-10 and really like the look of it. My one complaint is that the year of the post is not shown with the date. This may end up bugging me more than it does now. And if it does, I’ll probably go back to the default theme, which was ok. The other issue I have is that I’m getting errors like this:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr/local/www/blog/wp-content/themes/beautiful-sunrise-10/functions.php:72) in /usr/local/www/blog/wp-admin/inline-uploading.php on line 5

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr/local/www/blog/wp-content/themes/beautiful-sunrise-10/functions.php:72) in /usr/local/www/blog/wp-admin/inline-uploading.php on line 140

Though, any changes that I make do take. I checked permissions on the files, so I’m not sure what the problem is. Again, we’ll see how long I put up with it before returning to the default theme. I downloaded lots of themes to try and they all seem to have little issues like this, which is a great reason to stick with the default.

WordPress Upgrade Failed

I tried to upgrade my wordpress to the new version and sadly it didn’t work. I ended up putting the new version in an entirely new directory. But then, I still was unable to change the colors or appearance of the new blog. I then decided that the upgrade was pointless because the main reason that I wanted to do it was to change the appearance. So, the look will remain the same.

WordPress Backup

I’m upgrading wordpress, the software that runs this blog and want to note the commands to backup the database.

mysqldump --add-drop-table -h localhost -u blog_user -p blog > backup102107.sql

After entering my mysql password, it should dump the entire blog database.

Also, make a copy of /usr/local/www/blog.

David Sedaris at GSU

I just returned from a David Sedaris reading at Governor’s State University. It was great. He was funny as always. I was a little worried because three of my cousins and their husbands came to the show along with my sister Julie. Julie is familiar with David Sedaris’ books, but I don’t think any of the others were. I was nervous that maybe they wouldn’t enjoy it, but I think everyone had a great time.

iPhone to the Netherlands

John’s friend Mark is going back to the Netherlands today. But since his sim chip worked in John’s iPhone last night, he decided to buy himself one before leaving. So, I met him at John’s apartment and we cracked his phone and got it working. One note is that you should have internet access easily available to do this. Whenever iTunes starts, it wants to access the iTunes Store and you won’t get the annoying error messages if you’re hooked to the internet. Also, since we had no access, I had to use my laptop to “Create Network” to make a wireless network so that I could ssh to the iPhone. To do this, I also had to manually set the ip address, netmask and gateway on the iPhone. It all worked, but would have been quicker if we just had a wireless network to use.

I have to type up some instructions for Mark for how to put other applications on the iphone, since he uses a windows computer instead of a mac. And I need to see if I can find the EDGE settings for Vodafone, so that he’ll be able to use it when he gets home.