Catching Up

As soon as I get some time, I’ll post the pictures from Bloomington. I didn’t take too many because the battery on my camera died on the first day and I forgot to bring my charger. But I’ll have Jack’s and Em’s pictures to put up as well.

I have a new bus route to add to my list. The 106, which I took on the 4th of July (with my bike) to get to my Mom’s house. I biked to the red line, took it to 95th, got on the 106 which took me to the CTA bus station on 103rd. From there, I biked to my Mom’s house.

Today, I took the #8 Halsted bus. I got up early and took the el to the loop to go for a walk. After a while, I ended up around Chicago and Halsted, so I took the Halsted bus to 35th to get home.

The glass block window in the bathroom has been installed. Photos to follow…