Fixed Bedroom Electricity

So, as I was going to bed last night, I plugged my laptop in the outlet by my mattress and poof, lights in the room went out. I thought I had blown the circuit, but then turned and found that the stuff plugged in on the other side of the room was still on. I went to the basement and found that the circuit was not blown. I figured that whatever was loose in the box that I put the cover on the other day, must have finally separated. Since it was around 11pm when I discovered this, I decided not to try to fix it immediately. (I don’t ever work on stuff when I’m tired because that seems to be when I make truly dumb mistakes.) I shut the breaker off to the room, just to be on the safe side and went to bed. I got up around 6am and decided to check the wires in the one box. After retwisting them together, I put the cap on and some electrical tape for good measure. When I turned the breaker back on, everything worked fine. So, small problem fixed.

Removing the Floor

The last bit that I need to remove from the bathroom is the floor. Rather, the sort of vinyl top and plywood floor that’s over the subfloor. This is a royal pain. Why? Screws! The vinyl (it’s not really vinyl, but I don’t know what it is) floor is covering the heads of the screws, so it was really hard to get up. In fact, I only took up half the floor. I used my circular saw to cut it into pieces and then had to pry the pieces off. This was really hard and my back is pretty sore. It’s just proving to me how much better screws are at holding things than nails. Tomorrow, hopefully, the rest will come up and I’ll be done gutting.

Electricity in the Bathroom

After a stupid mistake yesterday, where I learned a valuable lesson about rough edges in conduit and what happens when you cut through the coating on wire, I finally have electricity in the bathroom. (Lesson, MAKE SURE all edges on conduit are SMOOTH because if you hook a wire and rip through the coating, it’s a HUGE flash and will scare the bejesus out of you.)

Another bit of bad news that I found when I was finishing up, is that I think some of the connections on stuff in the bedroom are loose. When I was putting a cover on the box in the basement, as I pushed the wires up, I could hear the smoke alarm beeping and then stopping. So, something must be loose and I’ll have to check that out.

Now, that I have some lights in the bathroom, I need to finish ripping out the floor. And then I can get to work on plumbing. Good news is that I think I picked out the tub that I want. It’s a little more expensive that the basic tubs, but it’s a soaking tub. I don’t take many baths, but I think that I’ll really enjoy this when I do take a bath.

Kohler tub that I think I’ll order.

Empty Bathroom and Bad News

Here’s a shot of my completely gutted bathroom.

Note that the cast iron pipe that was connected to nothing and just hanging next to the main stack has been removed. It took quite a while, but I finally cut through it and got it out.

Now for the bad news. When I was moving the electrical wires that were hanging over the bathroom ceiling, I looked at what they connected. Turns out it’s the lights in my kitchen. And they’re connected so safely as well.

It’s sort of hard to see in the picture, but there is no conduit or any other protection around the wires connecting the cannister lights. It’s just tons of exposed wires lying all over the drop ceiling. Something else to fix. Though, I can’t believe the inspector didn’t find this. What a waste of $345.

Boneheaded Mistake

I still haven’t put the pictures of the bathroom up. I’ve taken some, but am too lazy to get the cable for my camera out. Anyway, I can describe the bathroom, it’s completely empty. I spent Sunday morning cutting the old cast iron vent pipe (that was connected to nothing on either side) to get it out of the wall. Tonight, I decided to move the electrical conduit that went across the ceiling and up next to the main stack. I did a really good job of bending the conduit, which was a little difficult because it wasn’t a 90 degree bend. But then stupidity took over. The way the conduit came up, it looked easy to just run it right into the cover of the box in the attic. So, that’s what I did. Then, as I was struggling to put the cover on (after I reconnected the 6 pairs (3 black, 3 white) of wire, did I realize that I forgot to put the little ring on the inside of the conduit. So, the conduit I just added doesn’t really stay attached to the box. Basically, I just ungrounded everything upstairs. So, tomorrow, I’ll be doing basically the same thing I did today, just hopefully, I’ll do it correctly.

Back to Work…

…on the house, of course. I’ve just about finished gutting the bathroom. It was a pain because it was updated at some point. Whoever did it, didn’t remove the old plaster and lathe, they just put drywall over it. So I had to remove both the drywall and the plaster/lathe. Fun. And, as an added bonus, I no longer have anywhere to take a shower. But, one of the reasons that I joined the gym at work was so that I could take a shower there before work. So, this isn’t really a big deal. The coolest thing though is that I now have a window in the bathroom. I LOVE it!

Anyway, one other thing to notice here is all the different grovvy wallpaper that was used in the bathroom throughout its history. This house has more wallpaper in it than I’ve ever hung in my life.