Gross House Work

This didn’t happen at my house, but it was still gross. My brother Paul’s sump pump broke right before Christmas. I went over to help him replace it. That was BY FAR, the most disgusting, smelly job I have ever done. Thank god my house doesn’t have a sump pump. Though, I’m fairly certain that I’ll have similar problems with my catch basin. With either one, though, YUCK!

Repairing Mac Disk (not boot disk)

Command to use to try to repair a mac disk

fsck_hfs -y /dev/rdisk1s9

The device name might change. I got this name from the disk utility program. As far as I can tell, the disk utility program runs this same command, but in the event that I ever can’t get to the disk utility program, this is the command line to use.


So much has happened, I don’t know where to begin.

My house finally has a new circuit panel. The electrician spent 7 1/2 hours at my house, granted he liked to talk a lot and he took his time, but I am quite happy with his work. Would I ever hire him again? I don’t know. He was good, but actually getting him to give a time when he would show up (and him actually following that schedulte) was almost impossible. And as I’m pretty anal, stuff like that drives me nuts.

I also have a brand new washer and dryer in my basement. Of course, the washer doesn’t work and the dryer isn’t hooked up, but those are details. Mom and I went together and both bought exactly the same set, though I have a gas dryer and Mom’s is electric. The delivery on mine was a pain, mainly because the guys brought the stuff in and didn’t take my old one away. They just put it in the alley. I was a little upset because I was sure that they were supposed to take it away, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. Some one came through the alley and took it about 10 minutes after it was out there. No, the big deal was that they didn’t hook up my washer. I thought they were supposed to, but then thought that maybe they weren’t because I had a gas dryer. But, after I called the saleslady, turns out I was right. They were supposed to hook up the washer but not the dryer. So, then I had to spend about 2 hours while Sears told me that it was too late for them to come back to my house and that they had to schedule a new time. In the meantime, I tried to hook it up myself and I think I did it correctly. Alas, the washer leaks water all over the place. So, I’m thinking that it’s broken. I have to say that I’m really disappointed in Sears. Depending how this goes tomorrow, I may never shop there again. Mom’s is supposed to be delivered and installed at this very minute. Hopefully things will go better for her.