Bought Fan and Light and Went Back to Drywall Taping

Today was basically a wasted day. Though I did purchase a ceiling fan for the bedroom and light for the closet. I went with an iron fan and a black light. I think these will go together, but I’m not sure. The problem I had is that I found a fan I liked, but I couldn’t find a light kit that went with it. My solution was to buy a white one and some black paint. I painted it and hope it will look ok.

I tried to install the light in the closet. I had to stop when I found that the cover piece for the light doesn’t completely cover the hole in the drywall. (I’d take a picture of the problem, but my camera is in Alaska with my Mom.) When I tried to install the smoke detector, I ran into the same problem. So, I basically quit working out of disgust with myself.

My main problem is this, when I installed the boxes for the outlets, I should have also put on the extension pieces that would make it flush with the drywall. Then, I should have cut a whole in the drywall for just this extension piece. Stupidly, I cut holes for the entire electrical box, which means that nothing that I buy is going to cover the damn hole.

Tomorrow (or whatever day I’m less upset with myself and am able to work again), I have to put the extension pieces for a single outlet on the electrical box in the closet and then drywall around it. And do the same for the hole for the smoke detector. So much for thinking I was done drywal taping. The good news is that at the same time, I can repair the chunk of wall I took out when moving my workmate into the closet.

Floor Stripped and Ceiling Painted

I got some paint stripper and took off as much paint as I could from the floor. I need to start sanding now, but since the temperature has been in the 90s for the past few days, I’ve been holding off. It’s not good to sand things when I have all the windows shut because the a/c is on. On the one day when it did cool off this week, I went ahead and painted the ceiling. It looks ok. Since it was hot, it seemed like a good time to go shopping for ceiling fans and lights for the bedroom. That is something I’m still working on. The choices are many and I’ve yet to actually purchase anything. Though, I do think I’ve narrowed things down a bit. I’ll probably do more shopping this weekend, and hopefully pick out the fan/light combo that I want.

Floor Issues

Sanding the floor is proving somewhat difficult. The problem is the area near the walls, which was painted. When I use the sander on it, it seems to melt the paint which gums up the sandpaper, making it useless. Today I used paint stripper on the area to take off some of the paint. It’s incredibly smelly, but I think I did a good job of ventilating the room. I got about a quarter of the outside done. After I finish the entire room, I’ll probably do it another time, because there seems to be a couple of coats of paint on the floor.

I also finished priming the room. When I went to Ace to buy more paint stripper, I picked up some color samples and I may have finally decided on a color. And I like the fact that I can get it from Ace because it’s walking distance from the house.

The Floor Begins

I had intended on putting a cork floor in the bedroom, but when I went to the store to order it, the store was closed. (Even though the website said they were open until 8 and I got there at 7:15.) I’m taking this as a sign that I shouldn’t install the cork floor. Instead, I’m just going to try to clean up the pine floor that’s already in the room. Janet brought over a floor sander and we started cleaning it up the other day. I think it’s going to look pretty nice.


I’m basically done with the drywall and ready to start painting. This has caused me to basically stop working while I decide on how I want the final room to look. One thing I did do was buy a gallon of flat white paint for the ceiling. I thought about painting the entire room white because it would be easy, but now I’m pretty sure I want some color. Unfortunately, picking out the color is pretty hard. I’m also looking for a ceiling fan and window sills and since these things should probably match the floor, I’m taking my time with it. So, these days, I’m doing the one thing I really dislike, shopping.