Things I’ve Learned About Myself This Year

Since I usually wrap my year up on the 31st and make my plans for the coming year on the 1st, I've been thinking about this past year. Know Thyself is a common saying, so I think I should take a somewhat critical look at me. So what have I discovered about myself this year?

1. Sugar has an effect on me and not in a good way. I know there's a lot of anecdotal evidence around about sugar and I usually don't give much credence to that. And all I'm really adding is more anecdotal evidence, so I don't expect anyone else to take this as complete truth. However, I have definitely noticed some good things when I worked to avoid sugar for about a month and a half and I noticed some bad things when I started eating it again around Christmas. I basically decided to avoid it because I heard that it causes inflammation in joints. My knee, which was giving me a lot of grief about a year ago, is better, but every so often seemed to swell up for no real reason. So after quitting sugar for a short time, when I went back, I actually felt my knee throbbing when I hadn't done anything. I know, just an anecdote. After about a month without sugar, I went to the dentist and all was ok. In fact, my dentist said my gums looked better than they had in a long time and asked if I started doing something new. I didn't even think about the lack of sugar. And then in preparation of Christmas, I ate a bunch of things that had sugar. On Christmas Eve and for the next couple of days, I had a tooth that was killing me. After I quit sugar again, it felt better. Then to see if I wasn't imagining it, I ate a big piece of candy and sure enough, the tooth started to hurt again. Not as bad as the first time, but I also didn't eat as much sugar. So, yes, I realize that these could all be coincidences, but I don't think so.

2. My arms are seriously weak. I can't really do a decent pushup and even pushups on an incline are pretty difficult. I think that a really good workout for me is just doing pushups (what I can), squats, lunges and planks. Basically, exercises that just use my body weight.

3. I am having a really hard time sitting around watching tv shows. I don't know why, but it's rare that a show holds my interest. The only times I watch shows on tv are when I'm exhausted. And then, if I do watch a bunch of tv shows, I just feel gross for being such a slug. Interestingly though, I still do enjoy watching sports on tv. Go figure.

4. I have a tendency to do things by myself. Not necessarily because I want to do them by myself, but because I assume that no one else wants to do them. I've been told by a number of people quite close to me that I'm not fun. Guessing because I've enjoyed doing things like installing a sink in a bathroom, building things with wood or riding my bike. Based on reactions I've had from people when I mention this, I know that these are not necessarily popular activities. Related to this is the fact that in a group, you usually have to compromise. I've always taken that to be that we're going to do whatever the loudest person in the group wants and that was usually not me. (Five siblings, go figure.) So in order to do what I enjoy, I just usually do things by myself.

5. I love my basement. It's unfinished and a mess, but sometimes to relax I just go down there and breathe in the basement air. I find it incredibly calming, though I have no idea why.

6. I am not an animal person, never have been. I've recently looked at all of my friends growing up and just realized that they ALL had pets. Clearly, there is something wrong with me. (Either for not liking pets or for always hanging out with pet-lovers.)

That's basically it for now. Tomorrow I'll look at my plans for this year and see how things turned out.