Electricity in the Bathroom

After a stupid mistake yesterday, where I learned a valuable lesson about rough edges in conduit and what happens when you cut through the coating on wire, I finally have electricity in the bathroom. (Lesson, MAKE SURE all edges on conduit are SMOOTH because if you hook a wire and rip through the coating, it's a HUGE flash and will scare the bejesus out of you.)

Another bit of bad news that I found when I was finishing up, is that I think some of the connections on stuff in the bedroom are loose. When I was putting a cover on the box in the basement, as I pushed the wires up, I could hear the smoke alarm beeping and then stopping. So, something must be loose and I'll have to check that out.

Now, that I have some lights in the bathroom, I need to finish ripping out the floor. And then I can get to work on plumbing. Good news is that I think I picked out the tub that I want. It's a little more expensive that the basic tubs, but it's a soaking tub. I don't take many baths, but I think that I'll really enjoy this when I do take a bath.

Kohler tub that I think I'll order.